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Last Updated: 12 Dec 2008
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A little Cowboy Talk from John Wayne!

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First, you must be a shooter or you wouldn't be here. Remember the TV shows like Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and others? Interested in a flair for the Old West? Then, readon!

JoinWSA's Newest Program - - - - - - Cowboy Action Shooting - - - - - -Preserve and Promote the Spirit of the Old West - - - - - - Cowboy Six-Shooters- - - - - - Cowboy Clothes & Gear - - - - - - (Maybe A Wooden Horseor Two) - - - - - - Let's Keep the Wild West Alive! 

WSA's newest program - CowboyActionShooting- a 3-gun event at our Black Powder Range.
All you need to get started is a six-shooter, a scatter gun and/or a cowboy rifle (all described below).If you're really interested, suit up with all 3 guns, add western-style clothing,leather, boots, a stetson hat and more for the cowboy charm. CAS has been'brewin' for a couple of years out West and is now starting in clubs 'backEast'. Cowboy Jim Larkin is our CAS program director.

For each gun in the 3-gun program, there is a specific course of fire - see below. You can enter one or more of the events depending on which guns you have. Oh, youdon't just shoot at paper targets. You shoot at real hard steel - thatrings or falls down when hit. That adds a little gratification to the game.Drop on over to the Black Powder Range on Saturday morning (that's whenit runs) & check it out.

Here at WSA we are just "getting our feet wet" with Cowboy Action Shooting. Our saturday morning shoots are mostly informal practice sessions. Cowboy clothing is optional, butALL S.A.S.S. AMMUNITION REQUIREMENTS AND SAFETY RULES APPLY! We are here to have fun, but safety is paramount. Anyone thinking of participating should read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below before coming outto the range. It might save you the frustration of being told that yourgun or ammunition are unsuitable and can't be used. The Range Marshallhas the final say on what is and isn't legal for this activity.


Where do you shoot?
The Cowboy Action Shootingtakes place on Saturday mornings at the WSA Black Powder Range. The rangeis open for blackpowder (muzzleloaders only) shooting in the afternoonand the rest of the week.

Does this mean we cannow shoot cartridges at the black powder range?

What do you shoot?
We shoot single-action revolvers,pistol caliber lever-action (and some pump-action) carbines, and doublebarrel or exposed hammer lever or pump-action shotguns. Most are of modernmanufacture but they are supposed to look like authentic cowboy guns ofthe 1800s.

What ammunition is used?
Center fire cartridges ofpistol caliber using lead alloy bullets at low velocities. Revolver cartridgesmust be loaded to a velocity of less than 1000 FPS. Carbine cartridgesmust be loaded to a velocity of less than 1400 FPS. Some cartridges (butnot the only ones) that are suitable (when loaded as described above) are:
.32 Magnum .38 Special .357Magnum .41 Magnum .44 Special .44 Magnum .44-40  .45 Long Colt

Are these black powderloads?
No, most cowboy loads usesmall amounts of modern smokeless powder to achieve the low velocities.Black powder may also be used, but DUPLEX LOADS (A SMALL STARTER LOAD OFSMOKELESS BEHIND A BLACK POWDER CHARGE) ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

Can I use a .22 rimfire?
No. These are not allowed.

Do I have to load my own shells?
While many CAS shootersreload their cartridges either to save money or fine-tune the accuracyand recoil characteristics, many stores carry factory loads that meet S.A.S.S.requirements. These will be marked as "Cowboy" ammunition. The growingpopularity of the sport has caused many manufacturers to offer such ammunitionin the popular calibers.

What about shotgun ammunition?
Trap and light field loadsin 10, 12, 16, or 20 gauge are allowed as long as the shot size is notlarger than # 7 1/2 birdshot. Paper, plastic, and brass shells may be used.No high velocity or magnum loads are allowed.

What do you shoot at?
Cowboy Action Shooting usesa variety of steel plate targets. Some ring when hit, some fall down orotherwise move. Because we use steel targets, only softer bullets at lowvelocities are allowed to prevent dangerous richochets. THE USE OF JACKETEDBULLETS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, AS ARE MAGNUM OR HIGH-VELOCITY LOADS!

Where can I learn more?
Please visit the SingleAction Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.) web site using the link at the bottom ofthe page. They have a Shooters Handbook (downloadable for free) that explainseverything in detail. Then come out and join us on a Saturday. Come outeven if you don't already own suitable equipment, or aren't sure. You canlearn a lot by watching and talking to people and the guys are usuallypretty good about letting "newbies" try it out.

See Ya there, Pardner!

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