Author Topic: What is a C&R, Why would I want one? How do I get one?  (Read 12195 times)

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What is a C&R, Why would I want one? How do I get one?
« on: January 13, 2007, 12:54:08 PM »
(Note: The following information may change or you may be restricted in your state.  Check local laws to be certain you can have a c&r)

What is it?
A FFL 03 Curio & Relic License, or C&R for short, is a license to purchase directly to your home, firearms over 50 years old.

There are several types of FFLs that one can get.  The “full license” that allows the licensee to purchase pretty much any firearm is what is called an “FFL 01” type or dealers license.  This is a business type license, not used for collecting, but rather for buying and selling to others.  There are other categories that deal with manufacturing and importing firearms.  The type of license  this topic is about, is the “FFL 03 C&R” or simply “C&R”.

Why would I want one
A C&R license allows you to purchase rifles, pistols, shotguns and machineguns that are on the ATF C&R list.   Basically, these are weapons that are at least 50 years or older.  HOWEVER, just because a rifle is 50 or more years old, does not make it an  automatic C&R eligible firearm.   Check for a full list.
Examples of C&R eligible firearms are:

M1 Garand
Mosin Nagant
Steyr M95

How do I get this license?

You can order the forms from the ATF at
check the box at the right which is form  "F7CR 5310.16 Application for License (Collector of Curios and Relics)"
It only takes a few days and a HUGE package will show up with forms, manuals etc.
The is no charge for these forms!
After filling out the forms and mailing them back, you should receive a license in about 2 or 3 weeks.

There are some qualifications you must meet before you can be issued a C&R...
    * 21 years or more of age;
    * You cannot be prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition;
       (i.e., you are not a convicted felon, also, you have to be a US citizen or permanent resident or have special dispensation)
    * You have not willfully violated the Gun Control Act (GCA) or its regulations;
    * You have not willfully failed to disclose material information or willfully made false statements concerning material facts in
       connection with this application (in other words, you did not lie on your application!)

A good web site with TONS of info on requesting the forms, how to fill out the forms, and some exceptions to the c&r law are at:
That's where I read most of this info!

So thats it!   I hope that helps you in your quest for a C&R License.  Good Luck!